Vending Machines

Provide bathroom essentials for your customers and staff.

At Hygiene Solutions, we can provide Washroom Vending Machines that dispense sanitary disposables for your customers and staff.

We believe that by providing these products for your customers and staff you will be creating an environment of which is fulfilling of their needs and requirements. By providing these facilities on site you will be able to increase workforce productivity by reducing your staffs needs to leave site during the day.

How we can help

Vending Machines

All of our vending machines are safe and secure as they can only be opened using their unique key. Our service technicians will visit your organisation at an agreed upon weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule. During these visits the service technicians will replenish the stock in the vending machine as well as safely and securely removing the cash from the machine. This will ensure that you are providing your clients and customers with the essentials they need to feel comfortable in the workplace whilst not increasing your own workload or stress on your business. Your vending machine will be secure at all times.

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