Urinal Management

Reducing odours and keeping urinals clean and fresh.

Urinal Management is important to any organisation that have urinals in their toilets, despite the fact it is often an unseen element of a washroom, it is vital to get it right.

Without managing your urinals with the correct products and systems it can lead to blockages or an unforgiving, pervasive odour which can drastically alter an initially favourable impression of your organization to both your customers and staff alike!

How we can help


Aside from the urinals themselves, the ammonia odour can be caused by a buildup of Uric Salts on the floor around the urinals creating a white/grey patch. Our ‘Blu-Away’ will soften the concrete-like deposit of Uric Salts on the floor that will be producing the smell. This will then enable us to wipe away the deposits with ease, taking the odour with it!

Urinal Water Management

At Hygiene Solutions, we are able to provide and service a Water Management System that can work alongside the Urinal Sanitiser to control when your Urinals flush. This can be set to flush once over a period of time, to flush only when somebody has left the room and it can even be even turned off at night and weekends when nobody is using the washroom. This could reduce your water costs by up to 85%! In fact, we can even produce for you a tailored cost/saving analysis on just how much money you will save.

Urinal Sanitiser System

A Urinal Drainage System is all about maintenance. To keep your drainage system clean and clear our professionals will be able to use our Urinal Sanitiser System to stop the Uric Salts from forming in the Urinal Drainage System meaning that your pipework will remain clear removing any opportunity of the smell of ammonia to overtake your organisation.

Urinal Deep Clean

Whether your washroom needs a one off deep clean or a regular preventative maintenance programme, at Hygiene Solutions we can work with you towards a suitable urinal cleaning plan.

Our urinal deep cleans service, thoroughly cleans and sanitises the bowls with specialist cleaning chemicals, rodding of the pipes back to the soil stack removing the uric salts build up in the pipework.

Deep cleaning urinal pipes regularly attacks the route cause preventing  smells and odours in gents toilets

Urinal Mats

P-Screen is a triple action urinal mat that offers 60 day splash back protection, with dual fragrance and enzyme protection. P-Screen helps to prevent blockages in urinals and uric salt build-up in pipes.

Wee-Screen is a 30 day urinal screen to reduce bad smells and splash back in urinals. Its flexible and non-rigid shape allows it to fit into most urinals.

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