Clinical Waste Services

Licensed clinical waste collection services including sharps disposal.

If you are a dental or health practice, you will have clinical waste that will need disposing of properly under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

What is our range of Offensive waste management?

Waste Disposal

At Hygiene Solutions, we can take away the hassle of waste disposal and provide waste management services in a discreet and professional manner. We provide disposal of all offensive waste streams including sharps disposal.

Reliable Service

At Hygiene Solutions, we are a licensed specialist in Clinical, Sanitary, Nappy and Sharps Waste Disposal. We provide our customers with the yellow/black striped tiger bags. Our expert service technicians will arrive at your organisation, as part of an agreed upon service schedule, to remove your waste professionally and discreetly

External Bins

Our external bins come in a variety of sizes 240 litre, 360 litre and 770 litres, we also offer internal 50 litre pedal operated nappy units and clinical/medical waste bins. Our Sharps bins come in a range of sizes from 1 litre to 15 litres.

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