Learn More About AIRsteril

Image of Airsteril product with the text Fresh, Clean & Safe Working Environments

What is AIRsteril? AIRsteril is the leading brand of air purification units. Using advanced UV technology, it sterilises the air, reducing harmful bacteria and viruses to improve and cleanse the environment. It does not use chemicals and can eliminate odours.   How does AIRsteril work? Air passes through the unit and the UV technology breaks […]

Free coronavirus prevention flyers

Many clients have been seeking advice on some simple practical documentation that they can pin up in high traffic areas to provide staff and customers with guidance on preventing the spread of the coronavirus. So we are happy to oblige with a digital version you can download below               Feel free to download and print […]

Coronavirus prevention – how we can help you

With the scarcity of hand sanitising gel and their dispensers, many of our clients have been asking what additional measures we can offer that can actively reduce the chances of exposure to the coronavirus – or to give it its full name – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Here are our top 5 […]