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Science behind the scent
When is an air freshener not just an air freshener? When there is science behind that scent you have...
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Legal Obligations of Sanitary Waste
Unsure about your legal obligations when it comes to sanitary waste? Let us help you… Providing bins...
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Learn More About AIRsteril
What is AIRsteril? AIRsteril is the leading brand of air purification units. Using advanced UV technology,...
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Oxy-Gen Powered Air Fresheners: The Eco-Friendly Choice
Introducing Oxy-Gen Powered air fresheners, the new revolution in indoor air fragrances. These innovative...
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Free coronavirus prevention flyers
Many clients have been seeking advice on some simple practical documentation that they can pin up in...
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Coronavirus prevention - how we can help you
With the scarcity of hand sanitising gel and their dispensers, many of our clients have been asking what...
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